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A Magical Place full of joy and Beauty: Bella Sara Minatures & Treasures

by Briana on March 3, 2009 · 1 comment


Bella Sara Cards: Think Pokemon cards for girls. The only trading card line ever created for girls, is adding two new additions to its line: Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection and the Bella Sara Treasures. These cards offer positive, inspirational messages and are just dang cute! While my 3 year is too young to understand the trading card concept, I can see how these would appeal to little girls 5 and up.

bellasaravelvetyhorsesMiniatures Series 1 Collections includes actual figurines of the Bella Sara horses. There is 20 soft figurines to collect, trade, display, and treasure. Each comes with a bonus code, which you can enter online, to receive a special item in your online play.

Bella Sara Treasures is the 8th in the trading card line. It includes more printable bellasaratreasurecardsactivities including bonus codes, coloring pages, wallpapers, a poster, and jigsaw puzzles. In addition to the cards, the package includes pony stickers and tattoos. Though, my 3 year old is a little young to understand the concept, she loved the pony stickers and tattoos which were included in this package.


Now through April 30th, bellasara.com is offering kids a chance to win an exciting Treasure Hunt Party of their very own. Sign up free now and you will also receive:

(Thanks to Team Mom for this review opportunity!)

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