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Animal Armageddon, Target: Earth

by Briana on September 19, 2009 · 18 comments

The animal planet has put together an excellent movie, Animal Armageddon, Target: Earth, recently released DVD that puts an interesting twist on educational. Prehistoric animals are brought back to life with this intriguing mini-series. Great to watch at home or would be a great addition to any teacher’s lesson plans on prehistoric animals.

17728_animal_armageddon_screen_meteorCutting edge technology and research keep a child’s interest while providing the latest scientific theories and CGI technology. This is not your normal boring learning DVD. Animal Armageddon, Target: Earth outlines the impact nature’s disasters such as deadly cosmic gamma rays, volcanic explosions, tsunamis, earthquakes, and gigantic asteroid have had on the earth’s creatures over the last 600 million years. Most of the animals such as the giant straight shelled nautiloid to the T-Rex are now extinct.

I really didn’t think this would hold my kid’s attention, even the young ones, but they were very amazed while watching it and requested to keep watching it the next day! They are just memerized and amazed a the amazing pictures during the series!

Animal Armageddon, Target: Earth: Suggested Retail price is $14.95. 172 minutes long.

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