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Animal Planet: Lions

by Briana on October 7, 2009 · 5 comments

Animal Planet recently released a new DVD called Lions, which travels to various locations with each one telling a different story about the “King of Beasts.” Spanning across Africa, the DVD includes four shows in one DVD including:

  • A Lion Called Christian
  • The Lion’s Share
  • White Lions
  • Rogue Lions

Your child will be amazed of the pride of the Lions in this kid friendly DVD. They will explore these stunning animals and their behaviors. If your child has an interest in lions, this is the perfect DVD for them!

The Lion Called Christian

This story will show you a beautiful reunion with “Christian” the lion and his former caretakers a year after he was released into the wild.

The Lion’s Share

This story will take you to Tanzania’s Serengeti, which is a paradise ruled by lions. Starvation brought about by a drought will test the bonds of the tightly knit lion communities which thrive there.

White Lions

The “King of Kings” otherwise known as the white lion will tell a story about their regal position as the golden king of the animal kingdom.

Rogue Lions

This story will tell of the lions who have gone “rogue.” They’ve changed their normal hunting behaviors and started targeting humans as food source. This will take you into the Kruger National Park, where they try to retrain the lions to fear humans once again.

Your child will enjoy this high quality DVD from Animal Planet. The four stories are a total of 172 minutes.

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