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Another item I won!!! Purple SUV Automoblox

by Briana on August 16, 2008 · 4 comments


I won this nifty little car from The Giveaway . It is a Purple SUV Automoblox from Baby Willows. This is a product that will support your child’s imagination! You can buy more Automobloxes and create your own design or recreate the one on the box.

When I saw the picture of this item on the internet, I was a little confused. It looked just like a wooden car, wow, big deal, I thought. However, it is more than a wooden car. It is has pieces and parts, that your child (3+) can play with for hours on end. If you child likes to build things, like mine, your child will love this! My older son told me I needed to win another one so he could make more things out of it.

These toys are very high quality items. The seem to be safe from destruction from my boys. They have a knack for breaking toys…but these are very high quality – not piece of plastic junk!

You can also check out Automoblox’s website for more interesting information on their product, design, mission, values, and more. You can also register your vehicle. Each Automoblox has their own VIN number. How cute. Sometime in 2008, they are introducing the Owner’s Club which will have exclusive features.

We will be buying a couple more of these. Shhh….they will probably end up as Christmas & Birthday presents! Prices start at $24.95 and are all sold all over the internet, Target, Barnes & Noble & More!

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