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Axe Style

by Briana on September 2, 2009 · 10 comments

Picture 2

Even though my oldest son is almost nine, he stinks like he is a teenager. Or maybe he is going to smell worse as a teenager? Please tell me that isn’t true.

Since the baby shampoos just don’t cut it anymore and really, they aren’t even cool when you are a third grader, he has taken to using Daddy’s stuff. You know he isn’t going to use girly, glittery personal hygiene products in our stockpile.

So when Axe sent over a package with some manly smelling products, he was all over it begging to use the shower gel and shampoo. Well, heck yeah, PLEASE do us all a favor and use the soap. Like, mom is going to say, uh, no, please don’t do it.

He even let his older sister use the Axe Messy Look Paste to style his hair.

So every night, the boys make it a ritual for mommy to smell their hair after they shower!

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