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Backyard Safari Outfitters = New Friend Jackie

by Briana on June 16, 2010


The kids were thrilled to try out the products sent to us by Backyard Safari Outfitters from Summit Toys.  We were sent a Cargo Vest, Mega View Periscope, and Bug Vacuum. They couldn’t wait to get outside to start collecting bugs.

The Bug Vacuum was by far the biggest hit. At first, Eli was a little disappointed he couldn’t catch anything with it but after a few tries he was able to collect a couple of bugs.  The bug vacuum has a very low suction on it so you don’t kill the bugs as you are sucking them up. However, this could make it difficult to catch them as you have to keep holding the trigger to get them into the observation compartment. He enjoyed watching the ant and the other bug chase each other around in the container.


With the built in magnification, you can get an up close view of the bugs you collect. Eli and Sofia both checked out their newest pets with the Vacuum. The bug vacuum features a catch and release trigger along with an extra nose cone for bigger bugs.


Eli lost the ant trying to catch something else but he was able to keep what he affectionately named “Jackie” in a glass jar. He wanted to know what “Jackie” could eat, how long he would live, and a million other questions I couldn’t answer. Something just as simple as a bug vacuum opened his eye wide open to the world of bugs! Okay, so his name was Jackie for about 10 minutes until he named him Eli Cooper Carter Jr.



Backyard Safari Outfitters kits all include a detailed pop up Field Guide which is small enough to fit in their pocket. It is full of information and illustrations for every outdoor and nature exploration. Backyard Safari Outfitters encourage children to get active, play outside, and explore nature. They are available at Toys R Us, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Target.

Retail prices are Cargo Vest ($19.99), Periscope ($24.99), and Bug Vacuum ($19.99). However, when pricing online, the prices were a few dollars cheaper than the suggested retail price.

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Backyard Safari Outfitter products were supplied to me by Team Mom. I received no other compensation for this post. As always, this is 100% my opinion and was not edited or written by the sponsor. Read my full Disclosure Policy.

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