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Ballas Hough Band

by Briana on March 23, 2009

While I’m a huge fan of pop music, I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars. So starting this review with a clean slate as  I have never heard of any of the people in the Ballas Hough Band. For those not in the know, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are two fan favorite ball room dancers on the popular television show.  In addition to Ballas and Hough, Emily Grace on keyboards and vocals, bassist Sam Marder and drummer Harry Sullivan.

My favorite catchy songs on the Ballas Hough Band self titled CD are the first three a “Do You Love Me,” “Devastated”, Closer. I love the tune of Devastated as it makes me want to get up and dance much to my kid’s chagrin. Devastated has a Maroon 5 flavor as the Ballas Hough Band worked with Eric Valentine who produced the All American Reject’s lastest album. “Birthday” seems to be a retro track and has a 70ish feel to it.

bhb_solid_logo“She was the One” has a good beat but I don’t care for the solo vocals on this track it seems too plain when it is solo. I do like it when the entire group is singing on this song.  If you like slower songs, you will like “Longing For” and “Underwater.”

I’m really enjoying listening to the music on this soundtrack. While some may say it is for a younger set, I’m 30 and love to listen to the “younger” sounding music. It may be because it makes me feel young!

(Thanks to the One 2 One Network for the chance to review this soundtrack!)

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