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Band-Aid Friction Block Review

by Briana on June 2, 2009 · 23 comments

Gross, right? That is what my heel looked like after a walk/run a few weeks back.

Half way through, I remembered Band-Aid had just sent me some of their Friction Block. Why didn’t I use it, I thought as I hobbled the last half a mile home.

BAND-AID Friction Block Sticks glides on similar to deodorant. My 3 year old daughter thought it was deodorant and wanted to use some. It goes on clear and smooth with no mess and it really makes you wonder if you even put it on. From there, it is suppose to reduce friction caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.

I have no scientific proof but when I took my next walk/run two weeks later I was blister free. Yes, it was two weeks before my heeled recovered from the previous walk/run. It may not work for everyone or for every shoe type but it worked for me and saved me several weeks of recovering from a blisted heel.

It should be noted that you are not suppose to use them on any open blisters you already have! So use them before. It runs $6.99 online but watch for a sale and use a coupon to get the best deal!

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