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Basa Body: Nourish Your Body Nourish Your Soul

by Briana on April 26, 2009


Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul” with these absoultely yummy products from Basa Body. Their all natural body products are made using organic virgin coconut oil from wild coconuts harvested along the coast of Kenya. While they are free from the harsh chemicals and parabens and contain no artifical fragrance, color, or preservatives, they smell delicious.

basa-body-item1I was recently given the opportunity from Mom It Forward & Basa Body to try out the Basa Body Natural Cocunut Oil Body Lotion, the Basa Body Stick: Natural Coconut Oil Healing Balm, and Cherry Cordial Soap. I’m sitting here feeling like I’m in a tropical place because of the aroma. Coconut fragrance is already one of my favorites but this one is especially scrumpcious!

I have one of those itchy spots on my hand. Otherwise known as eczema. Eczema is a skin condition that I used to get all the time when I was younger. However, the past few weeks I developed a patch of it on the top of my hand and haven’t put anything on it since I didn’t have any product on hand. So when I saw the healing balm, I wonder if it could help. Once applying it, it gave me instant relief. I’ve never had a product work so fast for me. The redness looks to be gone too. Instead of a mediciny fragrance, I have a wonderful coconut fragrance!

So now that you have heard about how great these products are, you will love them even more when I tell you how they are helping to lift women in Africa out of poverty!

basa-body-womanBasa Body is named after Mombassa, where there is a small scale coconut oil plant called Coast Coconut Farms. They product pure organic coconut oil by hand. Basa not only purchases all of their coconut oil from Coast Coconut Farms, they donate 10% of their profits back to projects in Kenya to help fight poverty.

Coast Coconut Farms was created by The Pope Foundation in 2005 as a project designed to help lift the poor out of poverty. I love any project where they are teaching people life skills to help keep them out of poverty. By teaching and creating opportunities, people are empowered and can continue the cycle of teaching others life sustainable skills!

The company’s mission is to provide employment, management, and ownership opportunities for the rural people of Kenya. They give the rural poor access to capital, equipment, and training to create organic coconut oil harvested along the coast from the wild coconuts. Currently they have created employment for over 100 families. They have larger goals, though. They want to create over 1,000 jobs!

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