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Ben 10 Creation Chamber

by Briana on April 1, 2009 · 25 comments


This is the Ben 10 Creation Chamber. I had no clue what this toy was. Of course, the boys knew exactly what it was, how to use, and had been wanting it since they saw it on a commercial. So they were thrilled when we received this to try it out!

Your kids can create their own alien creations with the Creation Chamber. With the choice of five body parts and placing them in the alien chamber. Then you twist the knob and a uniquely created alien creature is created. After playing awhile, the boys even let me pick body parts – the head, legs, arms, body.

If your child likes Ben 10, they will be thrilled with this gift. Even if you are like me and would have had no clue how to play with this toy. Bandai America has many other toys your child will enjoy too!  You can watch my boys in action when they demonstrate how to play with this toy:

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