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Blackberry Storm, Verizon FAIL

by Briana on August 21, 2009 · 6 comments

So, here I am at home with no phone coverage. A few months back we canceled our home service and went to cell phones only cuz that is the economical thing to do. It may not be the smartest thing to do if you have a product failure.

And I have a product/customer service failure.

Back in February, I got lured into a Blackberry Storm by the commercials making it appear it  would be a really good competitor to the iPhone. Verizon seems to have a monopoly on the best service in our area, rural area, so I thought it would be fun. Plus, John Krasinksi voice is just so nice.

Let me tell ya, the Blackberry Storm is NOTHING like the iPhone. It locks up randomly, updates at odd times, and won’t allow you to answer your calls. Seriously, if I was in a emergency situation and had to make a phone call in 2 seconds, I would just die because it would be 5 minutes before I could make a call.

Some minor things like the fact that in the commercial you can shift it sideways really quickly….well that just doesn’t happen. It is like 30 seconds in between and then it will lock in one position and you can’t control it.

Supposedly the new update was going to take care of those issues. Well, for me it didn’t but I did the update via the phone. Apparently, some people did it via the computer, which I don’t even know how to do, and it worked better.

I haven’t found a Blackberry Storm user that says they love their phone? Are you out there? Do you love the Blackberry Storm? Why?

This post has been in my head for awhile and is probably very confusing but I HATE my Blackberry Storm. It is a MAJOR RIM/Verizon Fail.

So here’s the topper.

Yesterday the backlight died on me. Why? I don’t know. My phone hates me I guess. After taking it to my friendly Radio Shack, Verizon was to send me a new phone by 10:30 am, which I paid expedited shipping for.

It is 12pm and I still don’t have my phone. I’m at home with no phone access, afraid to take a shower or leave my house to find a phone because I don’t want to miss FedEx.  Verizon has no email or twitter support. In fact, even when logged into my account, it tells me this:

Picture 2

Nice. I just really needed an excuse to terminate my account and buy an iPhone. Apparently, I have it now.

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