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Boogie Wipes: Snot your average wipe

by Briana on February 3, 2009 · 11 comments

Boogie Wipes. The name made you stop and look, didn’t it? This is a must have product if you have a toddler. I can’t stand to see my child with snot smeared all over her face. However, she is one of those kids that always seem to have a runny nose – constant. You know the one. Maybe you have one too. So I was excited to try Boogie Wipes after reading the buzz on other blogs.

I was skeptical. I really didn’t think these could really be all that better than a regular wipe for the nose. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t have to “scrub” to get the dried ones off. Why are they better? They are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, lightly scented and have a unique formula which moisturizes with added Chamoomile, Vitamin E, and Aloe. They are gentle enough for ALL ages.

I think Boogie Wipes are the greatest thing. They are gentle YET effective. Instead of running from me, she is running to me telling me she needs a purple boogie wipe (they come in grape scent!). Usually it is a huge wrestling match to wipe the nose but not anymore! YAY! I do highly suggest cutting the wipes in half. I’ve found I can get more use out of a container if I cut them in half. They are still just as effective but I get twice the use.

Seriously, these things should be mandatory in Day Care Centers. All the snotty nose kids – including mine – running around need these for their little noses. And it is much more sanitary than Grandpa teaching them to wipe their nose on their sleeve!

They come in the following varieties: Fresh Scent, Grape Scent (Sofia’s fav!), and Magical Menthol. Available in 30 ct. packages for $3.99 or 10 ct. on the go packs for $2.99. These are available in many national chains as wells as online – you can find a store near you here.

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Do you have any funny Boogie Stories? I have a somewhat funny one. I have a relative, who will remain nameless who works in retail. She keeps facial tissue handy for all the snotty kids who come through her lane. She just hands them out whenever she sees one! She probably keeps Kleenex & Puffs in biz!

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