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Book Review: Blog Blazers

by Briana on February 11, 2009 · 7 comments

Part of our “Swag” from Blissdom 2009 included the book Blog Blazers, which is a compilation of interviews with 40 Top Bloggers. I devoured this book on my flight home from Nashville. The author asked these bloggers the same 24 questions. I’ve found this book to be helpful but I would have preferred a book with a little more diversity throughout the blogosphere.

It was interesting to see the similarities and differences from the different bloggers. One answer that stood out to be was most of these top bloggers think the blog “bubble” has already been hit and if you didn’t start your blog 5 years ago, you have no chance of having a successful blog. I don’t think this is the case and I wonder if they have a different perspective because of their niche.

My favorite question was the question “What five blogs do you regularly read?” The same names popped out: Seth Godin, ProBlogger.net, Copyblogger, and TechCrunch, and one already on my reading list Pearsonfied (and creator of DIY Thesis Theme). Many good blogs that I need to put on my reader. I so excited to see a familiar name –  Liz Strauss’s blog www.successful-blog.com was on the list. I was excited because I lunched with her at Blissdom 2009. She rawks.

I would recommend checking this book out from your library. While you are reading it, jot down the websites mentioned in the book for later reference. Make notes about ideas you have while reading it. As I was reading it, I came up with some ideas for my blog and I jotted in them on the last page of the book. The preface also suggests reading it once while you are first starting out and then reading it a second time when you become a more advanced blogger because you will have a different perspective and won’t be so overwhelmed.

While, I’m at it, I will give you my top blogs for helpful blogging tips:

  • Blogcoach.org – This blog helps you grow your blog. More than just the basics, you will find the widget of the week, Critique this blog, monetization tips, and more. I got to meet Angie, founder of Blogcoach @ Blissdom 2009. I had to stalk her down to find since her computer was acting up. I wish we could have talked more!! I look forward to reading her blog on a regular basis. She writes in such a way even the least techies of us can understand. There is also helpful forums where users can ask questions, give answers, and connect with other bloggers.
  • Blogging Basics 101 “Where There Are No Stupid Questions.” This is a blog, I wish I would have found the first week of blogging. It is where you can go to find the answers to the questions you didn’t want to ask because you didn’t want to look stupid but you know everyone else is thinking the same questions in their head. Anything you want to know about blogging, can be found here. It is also written in a way, that anyone can understand. I didn’t get to meet Melanie @ Blissdom 2009, but I did see her with her computer – it had her logo on it but it was day #2 and I was exhausted. Plus by the time I turned around, she was gone.
  • Jessica Knows – I met Jessica at Blissdom 2009 and she is a hoot! Just like she is on her blog and in social media, she is a social butterfly and so much fun. Her blog has a little bit of everything but I’ve found her advice on social media and ways to market yourself on her blog very helpful. She is also the Chief Mom Officer of MomForce.com, which connects moms with companies.
  • Carrie Lauth – One of my Blissdom 2009 roomies and a great inspiration. Her blog is very motivating and gives tips on how to monetize your blog and make it worthwhile for you as a mom. This is a new site I’ve discovered since meeting Carrie, who is a very empowering woman.

My final tip is invest a little $ in your blog and purchase the Thesis theme, buy your domain, and self host. You will save yourself time and money by being able to customize your blog easily. This is the absolute best investment I’ve made in my blog.


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