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Book Review: Good Deals & Smart Steals: How to Save Money on Everything

by Briana on October 17, 2008 · 39 comments

This Book is a Steal!

I’ve always enjoyed Good Housekeeping’s money saving tips. Now, they have created a book full of these gems! This is a book that is truly “How to Save Money on Everything.” From how to save big with coupons to saving money on home improvements while helping the environment, this book covers it all.

It is very easy to read and written in language you can understand. It is user friendly with interesting graphics, fonts, and helpful sidebars throughout the book such as Saving $ Saves the Environment, Penny Wise Penny Foolish, Get More for Less, Best of the Web and more.

Here’s a sampling of the great money saving tips in this book.

10 Tips to Save on Heating Bills This Winter
  1. Be a Water Heater Cheater. Set your thermostat to 120 degrees instead of the manufacturer’s installation setting of 140 degrees. Reducing by 10%, could cut your energy costs by 3-5%.
  2. Dodge the Drafts. Seal leaks from windows, doors, and gaps with weather stripping and caulk.
  3. Heat Smart. Buy a programmable thermostat. Set it 10-15% lower while you are asleep and at work. You can save as much as $100/year.
  4. Give Yourself Space. If you spend more time in one room, use a space heater there and the set the house to 62 degrees. Approximate Savings: $200/year.
  5. Dial Down. Lower the thermostat just 2 degrees to save up to $40 on your heating bill.
  6. Insulate. Wrapping your water heater in a insulation blanket lowers your operating costs by 9%. Insulate the pipes running to unheated areas of your home with pre-split closed cell foam tubes.
  7. Draw the Drapes. Lower your curtains and shades to keep heat in and cold out.
  8. Plant Trees. Plant deciduous trees to the south and west sides of your home. The leaves will help cool in the house in the summer and the sun will warm your house in the winter after the leaves have fallen. You can save up to $250/year if you plant three trees in the right spot.
  9. Go Green. When replacing furnaces or hot water heater, buy one with a Energy star label, which can save you up to 20%. If you are in the market for a new water heater, try a tankless water heater which warms up quickly without wasting electricity, which could save yo 25-45% of your water heater costs.
  10. Ask for an Audit. Many electric and gas companies offer free energy audits which let you know where to make changes to save on utility bills.

This is just a SMALL sampling from this great book. It is a book, you will get your money out of if you use their tips.

This book retails for just $9.95 (you can probably get it for less with a coupon code!) so it is the PERFECT holiday gift, stocking stuffer, and I would even buy for a wedding shower/wedding gift! Who wouldn’t love a book to help save $money$!

I’m also giving away one book to a lucky reader! Go HERE to see all the details on how to win your copy!

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