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Book Review: National Security Mom

by Briana on January 19, 2009 · 4 comments

“The advice we give our children every day is exactly the advice we would
wish our leaders to follow as they govern us and demonstrate America’s leadership in the world.” – Gina Bennett, National Security Mom

September 11, 2001. The day that opened all of our eyes and made us realize we are vulnerable. I’m sure most of us can say we remember exactly where we were when we heard the news of a plane crashing. Then watching the towers go down. I spent hours watching and listening to the news. Sad, terrified, and scared for our country.

What has happened since? What is going to happen in the next 4 years? While we won’t forgot September 11th, for many of us it has gone to the back shelf of our minds. While we shouldn’t rule our lives in fear, we can not become complacent to any future attacks.

No matter your political party, if you are a mom, you will enjoy this new, easy to read book by Gina Bennett, National Security Mom:Why Going Soft Will Make America Strong. This mother of five and 20 year National Security expert offers a unique perspective on how to protect our country from terrorist threats. Somewhat simplistic at times, which Bennett readily admits in her preface, it is a genuine reflection of a mother who have been heavily involved with counter terrorism.

I enjoyed reading about Bennett juggling motherhood and her career as a counter terrorism expert for the Central Intelligence Agency. Sometimes we think our counter terrorism specialists as all business AKA Jack Bauer with no outside lives. The people analyzing and protecting us from harm are people just like you and I. Bennett identifies with this as she is a new mother having to come back to work during the September 11th attacks and barely seeing her family.

This book is broke down into Three Parts:

Part One describes how the rules parents try to live by also apply to making our nation strong and secure. Such as an ounce of prevention equal a pound of cure.

Part Two offers a discussion of how the lessons weteach our children are appropriate for our nation and imagines a day when our children are America’s leaders.

Part Three takes some liberties with famous quotesabout parenting to highlight the similarities between parenting and governing a nation. This section is meant to encourage parents, especially mothers who tend to be less inclined to engage in national security and foreign policy debates, to participate in important government decisions.

This is a valuable book for mothers who are interested in the National Security of our country. Quick, easy, and thought provoking read.

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