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Bounce Dryer Bar: Liked it until….

by Briana on September 22, 2009 · 6 comments


I loved my Bounce Dryer Bar. Basically, it is a perpetual dryer sheet in “bar” form that you attach inside your dryer, which freshens every load automatically.

To install:

  1. Remove paper backing.
  2. Press firmly on dryer drum.
  3. Insert bar cartridge.
  4. Replace after about 4 months or when replacement indicator appears. Remove bar cartridge and replace.
Dyer Bar technology is not new. It has been used for years in hotels and other places where large quantities of laundry are done daily. However, now with the Bounce Dryer Bar, it has moved into your personal home. Theoretically it should be that easy. I’ve heard many people are pleased with their Bounce dryer ball.
Instead after two months of use, this is what I ended up with:
IMG_1381One day after doing laundry, I found this broke off in my dyer along with a million little pieces of the dryer ball all over my laundry room floor after opening the door.
Hopefully, this was just a fluke. I’m not just going to be able to justify actually buying one. Thankfully, this was a freebie I received at BlogHer this past summer. Before it crumbled, I thought it was the perfect amount of fragrance and softness to our clothes!
Any ideas on what could have caused this to happen to my dryer ball?
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