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Burger King “Our Goal is Your Satisfaction!”

by Briana on December 17, 2008

Please Note: Burger King vary by location and I’m writing about one particular location and shouldn’t be representative of all locations. While, their goal is your satisfaction, our recent trip, we left very unsatisfied. From the request of our children, we visited our local Burger King. I hadn’t been in the actual restaurant since I did a Mystery Shop back in 2004. I was shocked at how downhill it had gone. A red flag should have been, there was only a few people inside during peak hours.

As we walked in the front door through the foyer, we noticed the second door was gone. The frame and hinges were there but there was no door. Not a huge deal but it looked dilapidated. The whole restaurant needs an upgrade as it may have been clean but you couldn’t tell because it looked dirty. We placed our order with no problem even though it was very unfriendly. After we sat down and started to divvy out the meals to our children, we recognized we were missing a complete 4 pc chicken tenders and another chicken tender meal only had 3 chicken tenders in it.

So I headed up to the register and the manager requested I bring up the bags so he could double check. Apparently, he didn’t trust me or thought I was so dumb and missed the chicken in the bag. We finally received the correct order with a lame-o apology. I also received sauce on my sandwich when I requested none and the coke & diet coke tasted horrible. At that point, I didn’t want to appear to be a complainer and we were on a schedule so I stewed silently figuring I could write a quick email when I arrived home.

You can’t “Contact” Burger King via email. According to their site, they want to hear about your experience but only via phone when it is convenient for them (M-F only from 9am – 5pm) or via letter. The do not accept any correspondence via email. Seriously, what age is this company living in? Who doesn’t accept email contact anymore?

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