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Canon Selphy CP770 Review – Cute Little Printer Packs a Punch!

by Briana on October 2, 2008 · 6 comments

This cute bucket printer (Canon Selphy CP770) packs a mean punch! I was able to try this printer courtesy of Canon and HouseParty.com. I’m VERY impressed with this portable printer!

I wasn’t for sure from the pictures how it would work. I’ve put together a little video for you. YES, I’m a big dork and I hate listening to my voice but it really shows you the basics of how it works. Note: I taped it myself as I didn’t have any adults around to film me! Note to self, next time get someone else to record me while I demonstrate.

One of the best things about this printer is how portable it is. All of the items you need for it: power cord, paper, paper cassette can all be stored in the bucket. When you are ready to go, simply place all of the items in the bucket and snap the lid for easy transport. I really think this is a MUST HAVE for scrappers. You never know when you wish you had that one picture to add to your page. Or really good for anyone who wants to print on the go. Great for teachers, moms, family reunions, baby’s birth…whenever you want to print pictures out right then and there!

To print pictures, you insert the ink cassette (retails for around $25) into its slot on the side of the machine. Place the paper slick side up into the paper cassette. Then gently snap the paper cassette into the printer. You can then easily insert a memory card (is adaptable to several types), directly connect to your camera with a USB cable (usually supplied with your camera), print wirelessly from your Bluetooth capable cell phone (you have to buy the Bluetooth Unit BU-30 separately), or connect to your printer. So versatile, you can print from many options!

Once you decide on your method of getting your pictures, you can then easily scroll through the LCD monitor. Once you find the picture you want, you can simply press the Green Print Button. Simple as that, you will have a beautiful 4″x6″ photo.

But this printer isn’t done yet.

It also offers many print settings. You can add the date, correct red eye, change the colors of the image, select your page layout (print multiple copies on one sheet of paper), optimize your image, and add borders!

Software is also included called Ulead Photo Express, you can add frames or text to your images, and easily print them in numerous ways.

Included in the box (MSRP $149 but it is on Amazon listed for $132)

  • SELPHY CP770 Compact Photo Printer
  • A/C Cable
  • Basket
  • Compact Power Adapter
  • Cleaner Stick
  • CP Printer Solution Disk v.14.1
  • User Guide
  • Paper Cassette (Postcard Size)
  • Paper Cassette (Card Size)
  • Trial Ink Cassette (Postcard Size)
  • Trial Standard Paper Pack (Postcard Size)

Refill Ink & Paper Sets run around $15 – $32

Optional Accessories include: Battery Pack ($79) and Blue Tooth Adapter ($49)

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