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ConAgra – Excellent Customer Service

by Briana December 16, 2008 Customer Service

After opening a can of Slim Jims, we realized there was a sealed package with no Slim Jim in it and another package with two in it. So we called ConAgra Foods customer service. We did have quite a wait – around 20 minutes. However, once we were able to talk to customer service, they […]

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Hefty Customer Service – Top Notch

by Briana December 15, 2008 Customer Service

I recently posted about some issues I had with the “Hefty” Easy Flap 13 gallon trash bags. I contacted customer service via email with the issue I was having. I’m pleased to say that within just a week of emailing customer service, I received (2) coupons ($9/1, $8/1) in the mail from them with a […]

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