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NutraSea Kids Supplement

by Briana September 6, 2010 Medicine

Research has shown that essential fatty acids play a vital role in our children’s development. Getting children or even adults to eat fish the recommended amount per week can be quite a chore. Most children can’t swallow pills or tablets so an alternative is needed. Ascenta has created a new NutraSea Kids supplement so now […]

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Review: Emergen-C Kidz (We will probably stick to traditional vitamins!)

by Briana March 9, 2009 Vitamins

Experts disagree as to whether children even need a daily multivitamin. It is suggested you check with your own doctor before starting a daily multivitamin regiment for your children. Even if you think your child isn’t getting enough vitamins and minerals, sometimes they are getting what they need since so many foods are fortified with […]

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