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Pound Puppy – Cute Plush Gift Idea!

by Briana November 14, 2014 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Pound Puppies were popular when I was growing up! My brother was a big fan of the Pound Puppies. I think it was a replacement for an actual pet. He had several of the including one that looked exactly like this black pound puppy along with babies and a pound puppy house. I have fond […]

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Crayola Beadola Bead Maker Review

by Briana November 8, 2014 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

The Crayola Beadola Bead Maker makes it easy to create your own detailed beads that are fun to make and wear. Using the air dry clay, you can My daughter enjoyed playing with this for a couple of hours on a lazy Saturday. She is 8 years old and I did have to show the […]

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Jenga Giant – Big Fun for the Entire Family!

by Briana November 1, 2014 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Another throwback from my childhood, Jenga Giant brings all the fun of Classic Jenga, just BIGGER! Jenga Giant stacks to over 3 feet high and includes 54 precision crafter polished Jenga Giant Hardwood blocks. The box doubles as storage and transport and the play platform. Recommended for ages 10 to adult. Play by yourself or play with […]

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Strawberry Shortcake Styling Dolls

by Briana November 1, 2014 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Strawberry Shortcake Styling Dolls are an adorable and fun gift that allows the child to be the stylist! As a child of the 80s, I was a huge Strawberry Shortcake fan, even having Strawberry Shortcake wallpaper. I’m happy to say that Strawberry Shortcake is BACK! These adorable Strawberry Shortcake Styling Dolls allow children to create […]

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Webkinz Jr Online World: Perfect for ages 3-6

by Briana September 8, 2010 Toys

The people who brought you Webkinz are now bringing the Webkinz Jr. world to children ages 3-6. Kids will love the lovable plush animals such as a bunny, puppy, kitty, giraffe, and more! Each animal comes with a unique Pet Code, which will allow your child to access the online world of Webkinz Jr. Your […]

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HexBug Nano: Robotic Fun

by Briana September 5, 2010 Toys

Have you seen these little robotic creatures called Hexbug Nano yet?  If you haven’t, you are missing out on some serious fun! These creepy crawlers are so much fun for kids and adults alike! As part of a Mom Select in home party, we were invited to host a party to share the fun of HexBug […]

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