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Darius Rucker, Jason Jones, and the Honeywell Center

by Briana on March 21, 2009

dr_goldMy husband surprised me with Darius Rucker tickets. I was like “Darius Who?” He then hummed a tune that I recognized. Okay, cool. It was at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana, which is a place I’ve never been.

So we started out eating dinner at Eugenia’s Restaurant. We made reservations the previous week and were taken to the very back room. As we were walking through, I saw empty beautiful comfortable chairs in the first two rooms but we were stuck in the back room with just plastic chairs. Not sure who you have to know to get in the comfy chair area! Let’s not focus on that, though. Service was great and the food was wonderful. I’m not usually a buffet person but this was one of those nice buffets – not food that had been sitting there all day.

So after filling our bellies, it was time to head to the concert. We were immediately impressed with the venue. Large enough but small enough to feel intimate.  We were in the lower level and had a wonderful view besides ya know, the tall guy that sat right in front of us short gals!  You can see our view with their cool seat viewer.

jasonjonesFirst up was someone I had never heard of Jason Jones. His music is more of the new school country which I enjoy. My dad wondered if he was going to sing another song about a gravel road. One cool thing he mentioned was Twitter – @jonesville. I know 90% of the people in the audience where like “Twitter What?” My parents included but my mom had heard of Twitter because I talk about it all the time.

Jason Jones is entertaining, energetic, and loads of fun! There was a “crazy fan” in the audience yelling stuff out and Jason replied, “I don’t know what you are saying but I like it!” He is very approachable as most upcoming musicians. You listen to his music at myspace.com/jonesville. A few of my favorites: A Place Down in Georgia, Hard Rain, and  Walk on Me. P.S. Myspace music doesn’t do him justice!

Then it was onto the main act, Darius Rucker. While listening to his first song, my mom leans over and says she thinks he sounds like Hootie. I said, yeah, a little. As we continue to listen to his songs, he played a Hootie song and then the light bulb went off. I finally put it together. Darius Rucker = Hootie. No wonder people were yelling something that sounded an awfully like Hootie.

Rucker put on an AWESOME show playing new songs, old songs, and songs “He wished he had written.” We even had his rendition of Purple Rain for the final song.  He has such a wide range of music he is able to play. Of course, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” and “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” were great crowd movers. Bringing back the Hootie songs conjured high school memories for me and got people off their feet with their cell phones swaying  songs like “Let Her Cry” and “Only Want To Be With You.”

A few other thoughts about the Honeywell Centers: Intimate atmosphere, free parking, and cheap drinks. For us, it is a few more miles than say Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville but we were able to get in and out of the venue much quicker at the Honeywell Center.

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