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Dole Fruit Bowls: Quick Healthy Snack

by Briana on September 24, 2009

Dole Fruit Bowl 4-Packsmall_08232009154613

Dole Fruit Bowls are a easy way to pack a healthy lunch. Since these fruit bowls require no refrigeration, they are a great snack to keep in your car, purse, or desk drawer for a healthy snack on the go.

Dole Fruit BowlsI usually purchase these when they go on sale and pair it with a coupon for the best deal. Normally, the most economically way to purchase is not to buy the 4 packs but to buy an entire can. However, for convenience and portability, the four pack is best for those types of purposes.

Dole Fruit Bowls come in 19 different varieties: Pineapple, Tropical, Mixed Fruit, Cherry Mixed Fruit, Peach, Mandarin Orange, Apple, and MORE.

I think the kids like the Cherry Mixed Fruit because it is very cherry the best! Those cherries always seem to be the diamond for kids! Other reasons to love Dole Fruit Bowls: Bowls are 80 calories are fewer, rich in Vitamin C, naturally Fat Free, and low in Sodium.

You will also want to sign up for the www.DoleChallenge.com to enter to win prizes, submit your best tips, and print out money saving coupons!

Thanks to She Speaks for sending us some Dole Fruit Bowls to try, we already loved them but this just reaffirms it!

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