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EarCheck Review: Worked for us

by Briana on March 8, 2009 · 1 comment


EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor is a first-of-its kind, clinically proven and physician-recommended, home  use device that accurately detects middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. The device helps parents identify when a child might have an ear infection, when it is necessary to seek medical attention and when the fluid is going away or gone.

Thanks to EarCheck, I was able to review the EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor and use it the first week to discover our daughter had an ear infection. Our two year old gets ear infections a few times a year but usually she doesn’t have any of the typical symptoms besides having a cold. This past week, I was fortunate that we had received the EarCheck, which detects the likelihood of fluid in the middle ear – a key indication of an ear infection.

Here’s how it went. We received it on Thursday and just for fun on Friday morning, we tested it out. We received a result of a “1 – Fluid Unlikely.” She had been coughing for a few days and by Friday evening it had worsened and daycare indicated she was having coughing spells all day long. When we got home, I tried out the Earcheck again and it indicated a “4 – Consult a Doctor” for her left ear only.

The left ear is the ear infection we had been fighting to get rid of since November. It keeps coming back so I made an important with our Pediatrician and she came to the same conclusion as the EarCheck – the left ear was infected.

Why Do I Love this Product? In this situation I probably would not have taken my child  to the doctor at this point because the only indication of an ear infection we had was cold like symptoms. She was not complaining of pain in her ear even though she was a little more grouchy than normal. So this saved our daughter extra days of discomfort by getting her into the doctor quicker than I normally would.

It has also been nice to monitor her ear infection. It has been several days since she started to taking her antibiotics and we did a check again today and  EarCheck indicated “1 – Fluid Unlikely.” So this is telling us that the fluid has decreased in her ear and the infection is clearing up.

This product retails for $49.95 and is well worth the investment if you have a young child (not recommended for use on children under 6 months old) because if your child does not show any symptom and then gets worse rapidly, you could be in for a more expensive course of treatment and/or more days of discomfort for your child.

Obviously, you want to use your mother’s instincts and other symptoms as well as a tool like EarCheck.

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