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Eleven Shoes

by Briana on January 14, 2009 · 1 comment

Sometimes a Bargain isn’t always about the cheapest product. Sometimes it is finding the right product to fit your needs. Our two and a half year old daughter, Sofia, has wide feet. When I say wide, I mean extra wide, fat, chubby, sweaty feet. It is hard to find shoes that fit her properly – especially stylish shoes. After spending $5-$10 here and there on clearance shoes from various brands we’ve finally came to the realization – that just doesn’t cut it for her. There is no point in spending a few dollars for shoes that won’t fit her and make her miserable. We have to go ahead and spend the extra for shoes that fit properly.We’ve been limited to just a few brands before I happened upon shoes from Eleven Collection.

When browsing the catalog, it was hard to choose. So many modern styles with bold color and creative designs. Did I want to try boy shoes or girl shoes? It is hard to find a wide selection in boy’s shoes or clothing but Eleven’s shoes has many stylish boy shoes to choose from. There is even an adorable shoe just like our Sofia, called the “Sofia.” In the end, practicality won, and I picked a shoe that would work with most of her outfits and hopefully last her until late spring called Josie. Sofia was so excited to wear these shoes. She can even put them on herself because of the design of the shoe which allows for a foot to be inserted easily into the shoe. Unlike other shoes where you have to do all sorts of acrobatic tricks to shove a foot in them, the “Josie” like all of the Eleven Collection allows for easy/on off with Velcro closures.


Eleven’s shoes are available in whole sizes 9-3 (see Size Chart) and are designed for children ages 3-8. They are a family run company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, who is a sister company with See Kai Run. Prices retail from $54 – $60. Sandals from $48- $60.

Bargain Tip: One thing to remember about buying higher quality products, is the resale value. Since they are of higher quality, they are more durable and usually your child will grow out of them before they wear them out. Thus, giving you a higher resale value if you resale on Ebay or take to a consignment shop.

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