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First Juice: Bringing Purple Carrots Back!

by Briana on January 28, 2009 · 8 comments

First Juice
is a juice line made specifically for younger taste buds – without all the added sugars! These juices can in fun and healthy fruit and vegetable blends. Even my picky kids who hate vegetables enjoyed these – even the apples + carrots flavor! Our favorite was blueberry + purple carrots. The first words out of my children’s mouths were “This tastes like Blueberry Pancakes!” I would have to agree. These juices are sweet without an overwhelming sugary taste.

All varieties:

  • Blueberry + Purple Carrot
  • Banana + Carrot
  • Blueberry + Carrot
  • Peach + Purple Carrot
  • Apple + Carrot

Some of the top concerns from parents and pediatricians are the sugar content, empty calories, and creates bad habits for children. After my first two children became juice “addicts”, the next two children didn’t get juice until they were over 18 months old. No worries with First Juice the top ingredient is purified water and has 50% less sugar than other 100% juices. First Juice has just 50 calories and 12 g. of sugar per 8 fl. oz.

Yes, there are such thing as purple carrots. First Juice is bring purple back! Popular belief is in the 16th century, a Dutch scientist decided to adapt the carrot to orange to honor the House of Orange. This also made the carrot less bitter than the purple and red varieties. By the way, The House of Orange is the Dutch Royal Family. Here you thought you were only going to learn about the health benefits of First Juice – not get a brief history lesson! Purple carrots also contain antioxidants like blueberries. Antioxidants may enhance your immune defense and thus lower the risk of cancer or infection.

First Juice uses Recycle code #1 plastic, the most widely accept plastic to recycle, to package their bottles. As well as using 70% recycled corrugated boxes to package their shipments. First Juice comes in convenient 8 fl. oz. BPA FREE, reusable sippy bottles as well as 32 fl. oz containers. So don’t toss the package as you can refill it with First Juice or water.

Another great aspect of First Juice: There are headquartered and manufactured in the United States. Find a First Juice retailer near you. Stores like Whole Foods, Target, Babies/Toys R Us, HEB, and Natural Grocers carry this line. You can also purchase online if there is not a store near you.

So go grab some “blueberry pancake” juice!
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