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Flip & Tumble: Bags that Roll up into a ball

by Briana on September 17, 2009 · 1 comment

Flip and Tumble BagI’m loving my Flip and Tumble reusable bag. I have a purty bright pink one. These bags are so cool. Flip and Tumble bags are stretchy and it only takes a few seconds to go from bag to ball!

flip and tumble bagsOnce folded up in the ball, it is about the size of a peach but very manuaveable so you can stick it in a pocket of your purse. Just whip it out whenever you need it.  The makes say you load it up with a bowling ball if you want because it has a 25 pound capacity. I personally can’t say I’ve tried that but I can feel the durability when I’m using mine.

Retails at $9 for a stylish brightly colored bag, or $12 for a patterned bag. You can use this over and over again!

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