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FURminator: De-shed your pet

by Briana on March 1, 2009 · 3 comments

furminatorI don’t have a pet and I don’t really like animals so this is kind of an odd post for me. Since I’m not a pet lover, this did intrigue me because shedding animal is just icky. I think anyone with indoor pets need to run to buy the FURminator to take care of this problem.

You may be wondering how I heard about the FURminator. We were at friend’s house before heading out for dinner it was discussed. Not sure how the topic was brought up (something about shopping at Meijer and seeing the FURminator there?) but the light went off in my head – blog post.  I even got a demonstration and I had to whip out my new Flip Camcorder!

So this weekend I heard about the FURminator for the first time. This amazing product will deshed your pet very easily. Apparently it has a cult following. So check out Luke giving me a quick demo of how it works – his dog isn’t the ideal dog but you get the idea:

Have you heard of the FURminator? Do you like it? Are you a FURminatrix? Tell me about it.

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