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Healthy Choice “Just One Bite” Emmy Party

by Briana on October 3, 2009

healthy choice house party

So I kind of double “dipped” on the Emmy House Party night due to not being sure that one of the parties was set in stone. However, it still worked out great. In addition to our Suave Styling, we were also provided goodies and favors from Healthy Choice for a “Just One Bite” Emmy house party.

I purchased a couple of Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer in Southwestern Chicken for the party to share. Fresh Mixers are my husband’s favorite Healthy Choice product and I enjoy them as well. So I was excited to share these with my friends. In addition to the Fresh Mixers served, we had wine tasting, cheese, and a few other items to enjoy.

house party guestsGuests were able to pick their Emmy winners for a chance to win a FREE coupon for a frozen healthy choice meal! Some of the shows, we’d never heard of but many were favorite shows.  In addition to the chance to win a FREE product coupon, all guests left with a box of coupons for Healthy Choice products so they could try them in their own home.

Which of the Healthy Choice products is your favorite?

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