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“Hefty” Easy Flap Kitchen Bags – Not Hefty

by Briana on December 7, 2008 · 2 comments

Don’t waste your money. The “Hefty” Easy Flap 13 gallon Kitchen bags are not hefty. They are very thin and tear very easily making a big trash mess. No wonder I got such a good “deal.” For some items, it is worth spending a few extra dollars for quality.

Today as I was lifting the bag out of the container with normal weight in the bag, the bag ripped down the side. I had a hard time even getting it out of the container at this point and then had to double bag the trash. Luckily, there wasn’t anything too messy in the trash. I would recommend these bags for office and/or laundry room trash or anything you aren’t worried about making a mess when the bag breaks. For kitchen trash, they just don’t hold up.

I have contacted the manufacturer and hopefully they will send me a replacement coupon. However, for a dependable trash bag, I recommend GLAD’s Force Flex Bags. They hold up very nicely and I have never had a bag break on me. They are more expensive so next time I see these on sale, I will stock up even if I don’t have a coupon!

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