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Hoover Wind Tunnel T Series Rewind

by Briana on December 9, 2009

Hoover Wind Tunnel

On every practical girl's wish list is a vacuum, right? There's no shame in wanting practical gifts this holiday season!

Hoover Windtunnel's T-series is one of bagless upright vacuums at an affordable price. Plus, I'm attracted to the fun colors like this green vaccuum and all of the innovative options.

What I'm really liking about the Hoover Wind Tunnel T Series Rewind is the automatic rewind cord, hence the name Rewind. Seriously, why doesn't every vacuum come with this. Part of my hesitation about dragging out a vacuum is having to rewind it. This makes for much easier wrap up when you are done cleaning. In addition, it has a Cord clip just below the handle so you can keep the cord out the way while you are vacuuming.

For those of you with pets, you will enjoy the special pet attachments which has rubber blades and rolling brushes to trap pet hair and keep it from clogging. This also makes it easy to clean.

It can save you money by not having to buy a bag since it is a bagless upright. Also, each WindTunnel T-Series has a rinsable filter which you can clean under running water.  It also has a lifetime HEPA filter. You shouldn't ever have to replace either one if you follow their care instructions. You will also be visually alerted when you need to clean these items.

Other handy features include a 5 setting adjustable handle, headlights (gotta love those!), no scuff bumper, fold down handle for easy storage, easily transition from carpet to bare floors,  12" wand, crevice tool, and upholstery/dust brush.

This is a lightweight but powerful vacuum at an affordable price. Retails online at Amazon from $99 to $159.

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