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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season 3

by Briana on March 24, 2009

Thanks to a contest at Resourceful Mommy, I won the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 3 DVD set. Let’s say, it has been a hit at our house. We first started watching this show a couple of years ago after my mom was telling me about this show that had a bunch of “Eli’s” in it. Eli is my youngest son for those readers who don’t know! At the time of airing, he was the same age as the sextuplets.

It became a ritual where Eli and I would watch this show. Then it kind of waned off when that particular season ended. So getting this DVD in the mail has been such a wonderful surprised. All of the kids love watching the adventures of the Gosselin family! The kids get a huge laugh out of the antics of the children. While as a parent, I just tell myself, I could have 6 “Eli’s” all at once!

“Trip to the Zoo,” “Utah Ski Trip” and “Gosselin Family Christmas” seem to be family favorites as of now. Kids loved watching the animals and felt bad for the family being stuck on the plane for so long.  However, we still haven’t watched the entire Season 3 yet so other episodes may trickle in as favs. Bottom line, my children love watching the real life adventures of the Gosselin Family!

For those unaware, Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs on the Discovery Channel. You can find a complete show listing as well as episode guide on the Discovery Channel Website.

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