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Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Season 4

by Briana on May 10, 2009 · 19 comments

After posting my review about Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Season 3, which I won in a twitter party, we were sent Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Season 4 to review. Season 4 was JUST released to DVD on May 5 from Genius Products & TLC.

For those of you who have never heard of this show,  Jon & Kate Plus Eight is a documentary type show about the Gosselin family of 10 which includes: Mom, Dad, Twins, and Sextuplets. The shows gives the viewers an entertaining insight on a dynamic family of 10. As they say in the opening clips and my almost 3 year old likes to repeat “It may be a crazy life but it is OUR life.

I’m amazed at well the Gosselins are able to manage eight children under the age of 8. I have a hard enough time managing half the number! Kate is extremely organized so I’m sure this helps. Just the logistics of doing basic things that smaller size families take for granted are a huge task for their family. However, they still manage to vacation and take family outings!

If they can do it, we can ALL do it!

My husband is in amazement that our kids like to watch this show. He thinks it is like a 30 minute infomercial. The kids don’t mind that, they LOVE watching kids who are like them. The especially enjoyed watching the birthday parties of the twins and the little ones.

This is one of the most requested DVDs in our house!

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