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Keep Warm while Gadgeting

by Briana on November 19, 2009

etre touchy

At one of my son’s cold football games this fall, I was wearing gloves yet I “needed” to use my iPhone. However, you can’t do that while wearing traditional gloves as the screens are meant to be brushed but yet I didn’t want my hands to freeze.

So in comes, the Etre Touchy Gloves…where the thumb and forefinger are missing ON PURPOSE! While just cutting out the fingers of any old gloves may be more economical, if you are a professional or want to look stylish, these are the gloves for you.

Etre Touchy gloves are a fun way to keep your hands warm and dry while using mobile phones, portable games systems, music players and other electronic devices. Maybe you just want to take photos while outside, these gloves will work for that as well.

Perfect for any teenager. These are stylish, yet will keep hands warm while still allowing you to smoothly use your electronic devices. Plus, I love their slogan, “We are giving Gadgets the finger this winter.”

These come in Men’s, Women’s, Youth, and Kid’s sizes for the perfect fit. Retails for $33.

Photo Courtesy of Etre.

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