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Kraft Bagelfuls: Yummy

by Briana on March 13, 2009 · 1 comment

bagel-fulsWe’ve had these Bagel-fuls from Kraft in the freezer for a few weeks from a deal where I was able to purchase them for only $1. We tried the original flavor and I will say I was impressed. My eight year old son pointed out you can cook them in the toaster. So they are easy to make and stay crisp while you are warming them up.

Basically it is creamy Philadelphia Cream Cheese wrapped with a bagel. While the kids wouldn’t  probably touch cream cheese otherwise, they all were loving these. Convenient too – because you need no mess you eat these without any silverware.

Besides original, they come in cinnamon, strawberry, chive, whole grain, and blueberry. I bet the flavored Bagel-fuls are even more delish! We are always look for a tasty breakfast to grab on the go and Bagel-fuls are a unique way to eat on the go.

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