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Leaving the Bellweathers

by Briana on October 8, 2009 · 1 comment

Leaving the Bellweathers is an imaginative and whimsical story about a family and their butler, Tristan Benway. Kristin Clark Venuti’s first book is one that will keep the attention of your middle school child through the humor and off beat mayhem.

When the Bellweather’s four children discover that Benway is planning on leaving their family once his “time” is up, they band together to show him how much he is needed within their family. The siblings include fourteen year old Spider, thirteen year old Ninda, and ten year old triples, Brike, Spike, and Sassy.

Benway plans to pack his bags, write a tell all memoir about this eccentric family, and move to a tropical location far away from this family. But does he really want to leave?

I enjoyed this amusing story full of comedy, dedication, and an unforgettable family!

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