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Leslie Patricelli Children’s Book Review

by Briana on March 29, 2009

Sofia Reading a book...

I have two colorful, fun books to tell you about from author and illustrator, Leslie Patricelli. These books are simple stories which are fun and silly. The illustrations are bright and imaginative. The first book we read was board book Baby Happy Baby Sad. Those are the only words in the entire book. At first, I thought it was kind of silly. After reading it with my almost three year old several times, I realized how fun it was because you weren’t restricted to the words in the book and you can create your own stories about the pictures as you go along.

Sofia Reading a book...

Sofia absolutely loved this book. (So much she has chewed up the corned on it!) Contrasting pictures of a happy baby and then a sad baby will have your child giggling throughout the book.

The second book is the newly released Higher! Higher! It has a similar concept as Baby Happy Baby Sad with expressive pictures to let your imagination go wild. The illustrations are just amazing through out this book. Sofia seemed to enjoy Baby Happy Baby Sad more than Higher! Higher! due to there being a “baby” in the first book while there is an older child in Higher! Higher!

Other titles from Leslie Patricelli include: Binky, Blankie, BIG Little, Quiet LOUD, Yummy YUCKY, and The Birthday Box. Recommended age is 2-5. Baby Happy Baby Sad retails for $6.99. Higher! Higher! has a retail price of $15.99.

Thanks Team Mom for the opportunity to review these books!

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