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Microsoft Office Live

by Briana on November 16, 2009

microsoft live office

While many of my friends know I’m a Mac convert, I still use my Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Access on a daily basis in my real life job as an accountant and in my online job as a web site owner. I even proudly have the Mac Office tools version for my laptop.

Now Microsoft has Microsoft Office Live, which allows you to collaborate, share, and store documents online for FREE. You don’t know how many times I’ve wished for a FREE site like this. We all love FREE, right! Plus, you get 5GB of online storage completely free, which is enough space to store thousands of documents.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Office Live stores all the templates and documents you need for work, your youth organization, home management, etc. and allows you access these documents no matter what computer you are on. No more worrying about uploading to a portable storage device and wondering which version is the most recent version of your document. Plus, you can share these documents with other users.

microsoft live office workspaceSo basically, you set up your free account, then you can begin creating different work spaces. They even have several template work spaces to get you started such as home, sports team, class, job search, and many more to get your started and on your way.

For example, I decided to test out the sports team workspace as my husband is one of the organizers for my son’s basketball team. Within the workspace, you can upload the team schedule, snack roster, team roster, or any applicable information to your team.

After you’ve uploaded the information you want to share, you can share your workspace with others. Simply click “Share” and you can choose whether you want them to be an editor or a viewer. Editing allows users to modify or change your documents.  You can also choose which documents you share. So you can keep some information private but it is still in your workspace.

Microsoft Office Live is a great tool for anyone who wants to collaborate on a project with multiple users or just as online storage as you never know when something unexpected may happen to your computer.

You can also create a completely FREE but professional looking website for a school event, sports team, or your new business. Using one of the professional templates, you can build a website in just a short time even if you aren’t an expert in html or web design. (This is for you if when you read html, you said huh?) Again, we love free here, FREE web hosting and design tools.

What do you think? Have you tried the new Microsoft Office Live tools?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Microsoft Office Live. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate. As always, my sponsor did not write or tell me what to say in this post and I’ve given my honest and accurate feedback of this site.

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