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Mom’s Best Natural Cereal Review

by Briana on March 19, 2009 · 1 comment

momsbestreviewWe recently had the opportunity to try Mom’s Best Natural cereal in Honey Graham and Toasted Cinnamon Squares. Breakfast cereal is all that is made by Mom’s Made best and named in honor of their mother who taught the importance of good food and stewardship.

In our household cereal is a staple. Our stockpile usually consists of at least 10 boxes. If we get below that, the family is freaking. Mooooom –  we are out of cereal! So they know good cereal when they eat it.

I was at first surprised that the kids wanted to open a box of Mom’s Best because they usually go for the flashy packaging. Mom’s Natural has no toy in the box and no cartoon character on the box.  So how did they even know they wanted to eat it without a cartoon on it? I have no clue.  Maybe they actually read the label and say key words like “Honey” “Toasted Cinnamon”

It is comparable to the national brands in taste – one box was devoured at our house in just a couple of days, which says a lot because if the kids don’t like it, they won’t continue to eat it. We have a “grave yard” of half eaten undesirable cereal in our pantry!

I snuck a taste in between the kids scarfing them down. I thought the Toasted Cinnamon tasted exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch in taste, texture, and flavor. Now, the husband says he could “tell” a difference but couldn’t describe the difference. The only difference I could visibly see was the packaging.

So what else is to like about Mom’s Best Natural?

It is a bargain. Priced between $2.29 – $3.29 at Walmart, there is also a $1/1 coupon available which brings it down to  my target price for cereal even more because they are larger “Family Size” boxes. So your per oz. costs is even less.

Nothing artificial. Nothing artificial, no saturated fat, no hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup. Made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Green. Mom’s Best Naturals cares about being good stewards of the environment.  They utilize many recycling programs throughout their company and use 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum 35% post consumer content. Over the years they have reduced the water used to make their products 41% and energy usage by 10%.

Want to know where to purchase? Use the Mom’s Best Store Finder to find a store near you.

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