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Mophie Juice Pack and Air Case for iPhone + Hip Holster

by Briana on December 9, 2009


The ironic part of this review is I forgot Mophie was sending me a Juice Pack and Air Case and I purchased one the day I received the sample in the mail from the company. So, I was really wanting some type of extra battery/charger pack for my iPhone as the battery can get drained quickly if I'm checking emails or online. Since, being online and emails is my blog work, I really need my iPhone to always be charged.

The Mophie Juice Pack and Air Case is a case and charger all in one. How it works is it has a USB port in the hard case, which you slide your iPhone into. The Mophie Juice Pack comes fully charged but to charge it, you just connect your phone to the case, then use the USB cord to charge both your juice pack and your phone or just charge your juice pack. You can also synch your phone when it is in the case. It is really, really, nifty.

Then, the light on the back will indicate when it is fully charged. Now, here's the fun part, use your iPhone as normal. Once your battery starts getting low, which as we know, can be quickly if you are using the internet, downloading emails, or installing apps, you then flip the swtich on the Mophie Juice pack and it begins charging your iPhone. Once it is completely charged, turned the battery pack off again.

What I like about the Mophie Juice Pack and Air Casethat I don't have to carry an extra battery or extra battery pack, I don't have to walk around with an extra battery attached to the bottom looking like a goof ball, and they come in fun colors. There are a few issues but I feel the positive outweigh these slight annoyances. While, the case is still slim, it is a little wider than my regular hard case. I have small hands (the only small thing on my body ha!) so it makes it more difficult for me to use it one handed. If you have larger hands, it won't be an issue at all, I had someone else test it.  Also, if you want to connect it to a music dock or connect to your card via USB, you will have to remove the case.

Like I said, the positives of having double the charge whenever I need it far outweigh these slight annoyances. The juice pack air has been officially certified by Apple, Inc. as a "Works with iPhone 3G(S)" product and uses an Apple designated connector, which ensures it is 100% comptabile with your iPhone 3G(S). They have these juice packs available for iPod Touch as well.

You can also order a compatible hip holster for your iPhone/Mophie Juice Pack. It fits nice and snug in this case which has a magnetic closure. It is premium leather and appears to very durable. Of course, this is made especially for convenience as well because you can charge your juice pack and iphone without taking it out of the holster.

The rather salty but worth it if you are on the go.  Juice Pack retails for $79.95 and the hip holster $29.95 and sold on Amazon.com, Mophie.com, and Apple.com.

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