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My Natural Bamboo Plush: Panda

by Briana on April 29, 2009 · 2 comments

my-natural-bamboo-plus-pandaThe makers of miYim Organic Toys have come out with a new all natural line made with bamboo fibers called the “Bamboo Collection.”  They sent us the Blue Panda to test out.  The little guy is just adorable and I think it would make a fabulous baby shower gift as these toys are good for your loved ones as well as good for the environment.

I love cuddly stuffed animals and this one delivers. The Bamboo fabric has some other great properties in addition to its silky softness to the touch. It is also naturally antibacterial, super absorbent and quick drying (good to know because of all the possible baby slobber!), durable in fiber strength, and reduced toxicity and allergy level.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world and absorbs more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen than any other plant on earth. So you can feel good about what this toy is made from as it is as made with a renewable resource which is easily grown without harmful pesticides.

How did this adorable Panda get to be such a pretty blue color? The PureWaterWash process is the answer. Bamboo thread is woven into gently flowing fabric and brightened nature’s plants and minerals. The fabric is then hand dyed repeatably in soy water to set the color. Thus, it gives each My Natural Bamboo toy its own unique appearance and color combinations for a unique animal. Ours is actually a lighter blue than I have pictured.

We are overloaded with cuddly creatures at our home right now…but it gives our little one lots of “students” when she plays flash cards with her dolls and stuffed animals.

My Natural Bamboo Collection retails for $14.95 and available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

(Thanks Role Mommy for the opportunity to review this product!)

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