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Never Let the Machine Eat Your Socks Again: Sock Sac Review

by Briana on February 20, 2009 · 38 comments

socksacsYou know how it goes, you can’t find that one sock. Where did it go? You know you put it in the washing machine but somehow it is never to be found. Maybe, you find a it months or years later rolled up in your husband’s pants, behind the washer or maybe, your washing machine really did eat it – which you discover when you have to pay for costly appliance repair.

So what can you do to prevent this AND save time sorting your family’s socks? With a family of 6, I can spend hours sorting socks. Fun stuff. What do you need? The Sock Sac to the rescue. The Sock Sac was designed by a mother of three and 19 year veteran of the United States Air Force, who carefully designed this product to be easily laundered in any washing machine. With rounded corners, your socks will not got stuck in the corner with a zipper and button closure so the sacs will stay shut during the wash and dry cycle.

Some people even have their kids toss in their undies! With the Sock Sac, each family member can have their own sac and will fit 10-12 pairs of sock. Even more for smaller feet. Just remind your kids that the socks go in the sac. They come in fun colors so your kids will enjoy.

When you buy Sock Sacs and Such, you are supporting a American home based, family business as well as saving yourself money from lost socks and expensive appliance repairs (when those socks get sucked in!)

Retails for $9.99 each or $44.95 for a set of 5. Tell her you found her site at Bargain Briana and you will receive a discount!

Repeat Customers get 1/2 shipping on their next order. There is also a referral program. Refer a friend and after they make their purchase, you can receive a free sac on YOUR next purchase.

Do you have any funny lost sock stories?

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