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Nike + iPod Sports Kit: You might become addicted to exercising!

by Briana on January 4, 2009 · 41 comments

I purchased a Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit this past summer and love it. Since, I’m a dorky numbers person, I love how it keeps track of your total minutes, mileage, and average pace. It is a big motivator to keep exercising – especially to try to beat your personal best. I have become so addicted to my stats that I don’t want to exercise if I can’t use my Nike + IPOD system.

The actual Nike + IPOD system is very reasonable at $29.99. You obviously have to have an IPOD to use it and Nike + Shoes or the shoe pouch/adaptor. I highly recommend using the Nike + Shoes with this product as it is more accurate and easy to use unless you already have a favorite pair of running shoes – then you can purchase an adaptor for around $9.99.
So now you have your kit, you simply insert the wireless sensor in the custom built pocket in your Nike + shoes. Then you plug the receiver into your IPOD nano. If you have an IPOD Touch 2nd generation or earlier, it has a receiver built into the product. Now you can begin your run or walk. As you run or walk, the sensor will send information to your IPOD. It tracks your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. You can click a button at any time to hear your current stats or look at the screen to get your information.

Once you complete your exercise, you can synch your IPOD to send your stats to ITUNES and nikeplus.com. Once on nikeplus.com, you can check out your performance history, set goals, and participate in challenges with other users. Very interactive and user friendly. When you make your profile public, you can share your runs and goals with your friends, like my personal best run back in September 2008.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to track their performance to keep themselves motivated. I will be honest, I haven’t done much exercising the past two months because of the weather but I plan on getting back on track this January with an indoor setting. I’m addicted to my Nike+ System and keeping track of my stats. I think most novice and intermediate runners/walkers will find this system sufficient. I have read reviews where it appears more advanced users want functions like GPS, which you can get with a more costly item. If you are already an IPOD user, then the Nike + System makes the most economical sense.

What do you think? Have you tried this or is this something you think would be helpful for your 2009 Fitness Goals?
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