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Ninja Kitchen: Rule the Kitchen

by Briana on October 4, 2009 · 17 comments


In September, I was invited to the Ninja Launch in New York City by Euro Pro. Robin Miller, who has a Food Network Show as well as Quick Fix Recipe Books, was demonstrating the new product to a group of bloggers as well as traditional media. In addition to the Ninja Master Prep, we were also given hands on experience with the product as well as Shark Cleaning Products. So you have your dinner prep and clean up tools all in one event.

First a little introduction to Euro Pro. Euro Pro is a family owned company, an innovator in the home and housewares industry, and creates products designed to make consumer’s lives easier. In fact, Mark, their guru, has four kid of his own and designs his products with his own family in mind.

Before the presentation, we had a meet and greet with our fellow blogger attendees. I was able to catch up with some bloggers I’ve met previously, Kristen, Lori, Lizzy, Sarah, Allison, and Tara. I was also able to meet some new blogging friends such as Rachael, Jenn, Arianne, Sommer, Amanda, Sky, Daniel, Jen, Laurie, Kimberly, and Niri. It is always so much to connect with people you’ve “talked” to online and meet people who “get” blogging!

ninja collage

After a little socializing, we were taken to the Ninja Master Prep demonstration. I’ve never watched Robin Miller on the Food Network and I’m not that fancy of a cook. After watching her demonstration and listening to her, I think maybe I CAN cook. She has very practical tips, simple recipes, and of course, with the Ninja Master Prep, kitchen life can be more efficient.

robin millerRobin Miller adapted several of her recipes to use with the Ninja. Basically, it required deleting steps in her recipes because the Ninja can eliminate the need for different tools. One of the most exciting things the Ninja does is turn ice into shaved ice. Basically, you get snow cone quality with the Ninja.

What else does the Ninja do? It can work with almost any food such as hard/soft cheeses, cilantro, tortilla chips, scallions, chicken breasts, apples, pineapple, and much more. The only thing that Robin said she wouldn’t use it for is if you wanted something sliced like tomatoes. Otherwise, it can take the place of your blender and food processor.

I just received my very own Ninja and will be trying it out at home. At the demonstration here’s a few of my favorite features included its quietness, unlike my blender which makes a loud grinding noise. It includes one “master pod” which is interchangeable with a 48 oz. pitcher and a 2 cup bowl. It seems the 2 cup bowl was more flexible for numerous ingredients.

The Ninja has a lifetime warranty and it was interesting to know that in the test stages, they even put pebbles in the Ninja to test the effectiveness and durability of their product. Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe to make our life easier. Unlike a traditional blender, you do not have to add liquid to make it work.

Ninja Master Prep

How many times have you had to shake or move your blender around because food gets stuck at the top or bottom. With the Ninja, nothing gets stuck at the top or bottom and you can squeeze as much ingredients you can fit in the Ninja. It has the Ninja blade technology which prevents this from happening. Instead you get evenly processed food.

steam mopIn addition the Ninja Master Prep, we were given a cleaning products demonstration. Of course, I’m always on the look out for cleaning products to simplify my life as cleaning is not a favorite area of mine. My favorite product was the Shark Steam Pocket Mop, which I will write about in a separate post because I’m so excited about it as well as the other cleaning tools!

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