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Office Max Get Organized with Back to School

by Briana on August 16, 2009 · 19 comments

Last spring, I was invited to a Web cast with Peter Walsh & Office Max, I recently had an opportunity to join in on another web cast, “Get Organized with Back to School,” which is very timely as my kids just started school this last week and I never feel organized enough.

Organization at home will reduce stress as clutter makes it difficult to study and painful for parents. We don’t have enough space in our home for a dedicated desk for each child so our kids use the kitchen table. Peter Walsh stresses using the right tools but not to go out and buy a bunch of organizing supplies right off but to get a vision of what you want before you buy the things you need.

Some of the best tips from the web cast for organizing your child:

  • Show that you value organization.
  • Establish clear limits and clear routines.
  • Completing the cycle. Make sure the child/you finish a task.


In addition to this fabulous web cast, we were sent some school supplies from OfficeMax’s kid-centric line, Schoolio-Von-Hoolio. My daughter, who is entering middle school was thrilled with the design/colors of these items which range from 99 cents to $5.99. These are available in Office Max stores. I wasn’t able to find them online.

Overall, Peter Walsh has done it again with his organizing and motivation tips and I’ve started decluttering our spaces a little more. It was also helpful to have a parent, student, and teacher’s perspective on organization for Back to School.

Just remember limits & routines and setting examples of a good organization for your child.

Office Max

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