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Organize Your Work Life: [In]Place System by Peter Walsh

by Briana on April 5, 2009 · 29 comments

inplacesystembypeterwalsh_logoHas Office Max peered into my home office? I think they’ve been watching me and that’s why I was invited to the special live Web Cast with Peter Walsh this past week to get a sneak peek at the new line “[IN]Place System” which is debuting at Office Max stores this week. You can purchase online at officemax.com or in stores.

Obviously since I’m not that into organizing, I didn’t really know who Peter Walsh before this web cast – sorry Peter! Now I feel kind of silly for not knowing, he is the guru of organizing and decluttering. He is known for his regular appearances on TLC’s The Clean Sweep and Oprah – both of those I have heard of. He has a lovely accent and really talks organization in a fun and visual manner.

The focus of this new system is managing paperwork. I hate managing my paperwork but this new system from Peter Walsh actually has me excited to organize and declutter.

Let me tell you why. All the systems fit together, work together, and expand together. You are not tied to one color scheme as all the pieces are transparent, which also make it easy for you to see what it is inside. You can grow your system as you go.

The files are made from durable poly. I’m usually not a fan of poly materials for organizing because they seem to get destroyed rather quickly. I have played around with the [In]Place System poly and have given it a little strength test and I’m confident these will stand up to the Carter Kid test.

inplacesystembypeterwalsh_collectionHow many times have you started organizing and then realized the order you want your file folders now doesn’t work because of the 1/3 cuts? This is one of my biggest frustrations with creating an organization system. The [In]Place System eliminates 1/3 cuts from file folders. Since the folders are clear, you use these little post its to organize your system. One suggestion during the web cast was to color code similar items with the same color tabs, which is easy to do with this system and doesn’t involve extra expense.

You also have to option of using the erasable pen to mark on files, leave notes for yourself or others, and when you are done erase it. This eliminates the clutter of sticky notes. Which most of the time, fall off or get stuck to the wrong thing.

How do you get started? Peter says don’t rush out and buy everything. First, clear the clutter.  Then really analyze your problem and think of great solutions, which I feel like this product offers.

Peter answered my question about maintaining your organization once you get there and what to do with the odds and ends. His response really spoke to me “There is no such thing as later.” He used an analogy of starting a load of laundry and then leaving it sit for a week. End result = big stinky mess. The same thing happens with your home office.  You have to maintain every day, file, put away straight away. Oh my, he knows about my “Later” File.

So my first step is decluttering before I start putting the In Line System in place in my home office. I’ve worked the past two weekends and still have a long way to go. I really want to achieve that “Organizational Bliss.”


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