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Review: Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS

by Briana on February 23, 2009

bbm_ds_pack_shotBig Bang Mini is an updated “old school” arcade style games with stylish colors and entertaining music. It is themed around fireworks, which makes it very family friendly and will provide hours of fun. Using the stylus, you your child uses the stylus to dodge enemy fire and other rubbish and you try to collect stars.

My boys ages 4 & 8 both enjoyed this game. They usually like the shoot ’em games but this is much more family friendly with a fun fireworks twist. With 9 levels to navigate, there is plenty for everyone. The best is when you get to World 9 and can get the Lasso upgrade. You just draw a circle around the enemy on the touch screen.

Use the stylus to move your ship around the screen and to launch fireworks at the enemies. You can move your ship very easily by placing the stylus over the ship image and dragging it anywhere on the touch screen. If you want to fire, you place the tip of the stylus on the screen and quickly flick it in a straight line. You can aim anywhere and at different angles. As with any games, it is something you just have to dive in and try it to get the knack of it.

bigbangminiLike with most games, each level has fun additions to it. Some are permanent and others are temporary. The ones that are permanent can be used in any level afterwards. You can not use the upgrades during the boss battles.

If you start firing like a madwoman, watch out! This is what I first did and by missing, debris comes back down and can be dangerous. So fire as accurately as you can to avoid this mess.

Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS is now available for $19.99 retail. It is rated “E” for everyone and everyone WILL enjoy. You will find it in a very eye catching package – which the kids will love!


(Thanks to Role Mommy for the opportunity to review this game.)

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