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Review: Crest Weekly Clean

by Briana on January 11, 2009

Thanks to Vocalpoint, I was able to try Crest Weekly Clean. My husband joked, “so now I only have to brush once a week”? Well, I hope he was joking anyway.

Crest Weekly Clean is designed with similar ingredients to those dentists use to give you that freshly polished feel like you ahve after a professional teeth cleaning. Using the highest level of ActivClean Crystals and a blend of polishing silicas, your teeth will feel fresh and clean by using it weekly in between cleanings. At first, I thought it was a weekly ONLY thing but you can use it daily if you want that fresh feeling every single day. One tube is good for 16 uses and retails for $3.99.

(Note: This does not replace regular dental cleanings even though your teeth will feel so smooth and polished.)

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