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Ridemakerz – A BLAST!

by Briana on December 15, 2008

Thanks to RIDEMAKERZ & BSM Media we were invited to a Ridemakerz Blogger Event at Castleton Mall. What fabulously fun morning. My boys (8 & 4) are still talking about it and enjoying their custom creations from the time they get up in the morning until the battery needs recharged.

You might remember last month, we received a Ridemaker in the mail to review. The kids had fun putting together their Green Mustang Ride but even more fun with the ability to be creative in the actual store.

The staff at Ridemakerz was fun and full of energy. They were all very patient with the kids while making their Ridemakerz experience one to remember. Today as we were looking through the pictures, my son lamented that he remember the man who helped us and said “I like him, when do we get to see him again?”

So what is RIDEMAKERZ? Before I originally reviewed RIDEMAKERZ at home, I’ve walked past this store a few times and didn’t really know what it was all about or realize the connection with Build-A-Bear. Ridemakerz is basically Build a Bear with wheels. From body and paint styles to customized license plates, YOU choose how you want your Ride designed the entire way.

First you choose your body & paint style. My four year old kept asking us which one we wanted him to get. He almost choose the one his older brother wanted him to get until I reminded him to pick the one HE wanted not the one brother wanted for him. They even picked out a pink for their sisters, which I was able to design! All the choices, all the choices…

I think I want the silver. No, the red.

Uh, maybe the blue?

Next you Sonicize. You can pick many different sounds including electric guitars, city beats, sirens, whistles, squealing tires, and revving engines.

Motorize. You can choose to Rev up your ride with Radio Control for an additional $25. (This can be added on at any time.)

Mobilize. You also choose whether you want your RIDE to be street or monster. The boys both picked monster of course! At home, we’ve discovered all the fun things the monster trucks/cars can do. I don’t know if it is “official” but they can spin upside down, spin on the back two wheels, and do all sorts of interesting tricks!

Now time to pick your wheels & treads. We picked out our wheels & treads! They had a variety of colors to choose from. Boys picked out gold wheels. I was surprised they didn’t pick the pirate design. I picked TARANTULA wheels for the pink ride!

Now the race is on! At this station, you race against the clock or a friend to put your wheels & treads on your Ride! Our youngest had help but my oldest son and I raced! Of course, he won!

It was so easy to use their electronic gadget! If you aren’t at the Ridemakerz store, you use a hex screw driver that is shaped like a key. Pretty cool!

They line your wheels & treads up so you are ready to be timed!

It is now time to Customize your ride. So many different choices and different items to choose from. If you don’t want to spend the money upfront, these items would be AWESOME stocking stuffers! The boys ended up choosing different stickers, police lights, and a few other accessories I don’t know the names of…but the boys think are the coolest! I picked a purple light bar to spice up the pink RIDE! I also found cute pink stickers to decorate it!

So many choices! This is only a couple racks of the numerous racks you have to choose your cool items from.

Decisions, decisions!

Getting help putting stickers on.
This one couldn’t wait to play with his car. Since there is 3 channels to choose from, if everyone tried to play with their remote controlled vehicle at once, it would be a mad house!
One last thing to do before you check out and see your damage. Personalize. It is so cool as you slide your car into this garage looking scanner. It scans your car and you can make your own personalized licensed plate and register your vehicle. You can even input your time into your personalization.

A few more pictures! We truly appreciate the generosity of RIDEMAKERZ & BSM Media. We had a great day that is going to provide countless days of fun!

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