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Ridemakerz – Build-A-Bear with Wheels

by Briana on November 16, 2008

RIDEMAKERZ – Think Build-A-Bear with wheels. Kids or even adults can customize their Ridez with over 649,000,000 combinations with the simple interchangeable snap on customized pieces and accessories. Gone are parts that didn’t fit, messy glue, and hours spent on building a model car. Ridemakerz Ridez can be installed in just a few minutes with a hex wrench (we thought it was a key to the car), snap in, snap on parts for a customization that is still sturdy enough to play with!

My kids were so excited to put this together. Every single one of them…which ranges from a 2 year old daughter to a 10 year old daughter with two boys ages 8 and 4 in the middle! I started out thinking it would be pretty complicated but it was not. It was so simple and you don’t really even have to look at the directions. The kids were able to figure out some of the snap in pieces and where they went before I could. The hardest part – deciding who got to play with it first!

How do you make your Ridez?
  1. Choose from over 70 body and paint styles. Including: Mustangs, Vipers, Challengers, Scions, Mini Coopers, race cars, fire engines, retro hot rods, and many more. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Most have sound and working headlights and taillights. Then you pick either Street or Monster chassis. (We received Street – Bright Green Ford Mustang.) Prices Start at just $12.
  2. Sonicize. You can pick many different sounds including electric guitars, city beats, sirens, whistles, squealing tires, and revving engines.
  3. Motorize. You can choose to Rev up your ride with Radio Control for an additional $25. (This can be added on at any time.)
  4. Mobilize. Pick your wheels and treads!
  5. Customize. You can customize your ride with specialty lights, spoilers, side pipes, hood scoops, blown engines, roll bars, decals, and MORE.
  6. Personalize. Visit Ridemakerz.com to create a personalized license plate and receive your certificate of Title using your RIDE Identification Number also known in Ridemakerz world as RIN.
  7. Cruize. You can load your ridez into the RZ Cruisecase (online) and head out for a spin.

There are 12 RIDEMAKERZ shops open across the country, where you can choose your “Customizer” right there and make your own one of a kind Ridez. For birthdays, they have the Ridemakerz Birthday Bash starting at $12/guest, which includes building a car. If you have don’t have a retail location near your, they can be purchased online and have it shipped right to your home. It is very simple to do!

Some pictures from our fun night below:

Verdict: I would highly recommend Ridemakerz to anyone who has a child who enjoys vehicles or even an adult car enthusiast! It seems sturdy to with stand my children. As a mom, I also liked that the vehicle did not go too fast on our floors….which usually means lots of bangs to our walls. All of my kids enjoyed customizing our Ford Mustang and fighting over whose turn it was to play with it!

(Our youngest at 2, liked playing with it but would not have been able to put it together. Our 4 year old, could have put it together with parent help. Our 8 & 10 year old didn’t need us to help them at all!)

Special for Bargain Briana Readers: Ridemakerz coupon code: By entering the code 93444 you will be entitled to $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009.

Thanks to Mom Select for the opportunity to try out this product.

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